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About us at

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About us at

Hi guys, I am Angrypanzer after starting up my twitch channel I created this site and the one i used to host and help new streamers was not working. So i made this site as well as this Twitter account, Facebook account and the Twitch account to help streamers build there channels and their own brand. I work on this site solo and out of my own pocket as a way to give back. If you want to help, have a look at Green man Gaming or if you're feeling extra generous  drop a few coins in the donation jar. Feel free to check out my personal twitch  account Iampanzer , my personal Twitter, Facebook page and home page Just remember all you need to do to get a bit more attention is Add twitter and use @twitchtvhost or #twitchtvhost and watch the extra views come in but while you're hanging about check out who is being hosted and give the a follow too they might just follow you back.

How our Hosting Works

How to get hosted on our channel and our front page? The first thing you need to do is follow us on twitter @twitctvhost. Then we add you to our hosting list with other channels at We are here to help support small streamers, to try help you build your channel, brand and viewership. So we go through and randomly host you on our twitch channel AND on our front page at So how can i get a better chance to get hosted? We keep a list of everyone who follow us on twitch and twitter but there are ways to get a  bigger chance at our random hostings.

Please follow the Founder of to be added to the hosting list


Follow each of our partnered streamers will give you an extra chance


 shewolf25 / SweetTeaJordan / kopatich6969

then you can also  get an extra chance go to out Facebook page at and give it a like. Apart from sit back and enjoy, keep an eye out for updates and be sure to follow fellow streamers at!

Becoming a Partner

If you are looking for a way to make bigger impact for your brand/stream you can look at becoming a Partner of To become a partner of this amazing community we have a subscription service at Patreon. This special limited subscription not only gives you amazing rewards but also opens your brand up to a huge audience that the community and the reach of thousands of followers. Along with this your exposure is extreme. Personal links on our front page, daily tweets and shutouts on out twitter. Give aways for your followers and extra help only given to subscribers. Its an amazing opportunity that wont be around as when we have enough partners we will be closing applications. 

Support and Advertising

Is  you want to get more out of our site we have recently added  some very cheap options to advertise your streams and youtube pages. As I run and pay for this game by my self, it takes a lot of time and money so any advertising costs goes straight back into the site or used for competition prizes. So this is what we offer three kinds of adverts show off your work and to build your brand. Big supporter of the week advert at the top of page for only $10 >HERE<. Then a little advert on the side of for only $5, our Small Advert for Streamers >HERE<. Then finally the new YouTube adverts on the side of our page to feature your YouTube page >HERE< Hostin Boubloons

All new way to get hosted, rewards such as steam keys, advertising and free custom graphics design work and more! What this is the more time you watch other small streamers being hosted on this Twitch channel. The more doubloons you earn, the more rewards you get and the more you get hosted! This helps you and all the other small streamers from our community! Good right?! SO make sure you watch other small streamers, follow them and this way we all grow together if you have any ideas or suggestions go to our forums at Forums. Check out the awesome rewards and more information about Hostin Boubloons Make sure check out the panels on our twitch page here for more information!

What else do i need to know?

As well  as hosting we also offer super cheap graphics design work to help build your brand, and make your channel look amazing. Thanks to Iampanzer Designs starting from only $5! Check out the work and our merchandise at the store. With that we will be putting up videos up to help on our youtube page to how you, your stream and your brand, as well as articles and links that will help growing streamers. So make sure to keep an eye out!

Have a fantastic day, and keep on gaming and streaming!

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