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Low Latency Video

Written by Posted in Twitch and Streaming

Low Latency Video

This article provides information on the opt-in low latency video.

In an effort on continuing to provide better interactivity between broadcasters and viewers we are beta testing a new low latency mode on an opt-in basis.

Lower latency is important if you want to have interactions with your viewers. The lower the latency, the more quickly viewers can see your response to their chat comments.

While you’re helping to test the low latency mode we’d love to hear your feedback and any concerns or issues you’re experiencing.

Normally there is a tradeoff between latency and playback buffering, where a decrease in latency can potentially cause more buffering during playback. This is because there is less video buffered on the playback device and any interruptions downloading the video data can cause the device to buffer (i.e. waiting to download more video data). In order to maintain high quality video playback in Low latency mode, we take into account each viewer’s network condition and only reduce latency if we can still provide a smooth playback experience for that user. This means viewers with good connections will see lower latency compared with viewers with constrained connections.

How to enable

If your channel is focused on interactivity whether it’s through the content itself, Extensions or other mediums we encourage you to try out low latency video. If you’re not so concerned with interactivity you may wish to remain on the Normal latency mode for optimal video performance.

To enable low latency simply head to your Dashboard. From there select Channel under Settings. There you will see an option to set your optimization preference - select Low latency. After enabling this setting the changes will take effect the next time you start your broadcast. The changes will not retroactively apply to any on-going broadcast.


  • Q. Can I provide feedback on Low Latency?
    • A. We’d love to hear your feedback and any thoughts you have. Simply fill out this feedback form.
  • Q. How can viewers see Low Latency?
    • A. Viewers will only see Low Latency if a Broadcaster has decided to opt-in to the Low Latency mode AND they’re on a supported browser/platform.
  • Q. What browsers/platforms are supported for Low Latency?
    • A. We’re working to increase the browsers/platforms supported. We initially will only support viewers of an opted-in broadcaster on Chrome desktop. Mobile, Console, and TV devices are also not yet supported.
  • Q. What should I do as a viewer if I’m seeing unusually poor Quality of Service on a Low Latency Broadcaster?
    • A. Notify the Broadcaster that you’re seeing an unusually poor Quality of Service.
  • Q. What should I as a Broadcaster do if I’m seeing unusually poor Quality of Service while using Low Latency?

    Please note: you will need to restart your stream in order for the changes to take effect

    • A. You should check to see if you have recently enabled Low Latency and whether reverting the option fixes it.
  • Q. How can I check the latency for a channel I’m currently viewing?
    • A. Check your Video Stats in the Player under Advanced -> Video Stats

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