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Hi guys just wanted to update you all. I've been quite sick for last month or so, and then this week and skin cancer removed from my head so i haven't got nearly as much work done as i hoped. I'm sorry about that but good news to come.

Here at we're all about helping out the little guy and thanks to your support our community is growing! It's now our time to take the next step and build out the community further. We want to continue helping the gaming and streaming communities by bringing together like minded guilds and players across various games and platforms. Our aim is to build an environment of passionate, positive gamers who like to help out the little guys and make friends along the way.

Therefore we are very happy to announce our partnership with am-gaming! 

Anger Management Gaming ( is our flagship guild starting within World of Warcraft. Am-gaming has a very clear purpose and direction, with some very specific goals about what the guild is trying to achieve. Built on a foundation of very strong core values that represent the heart and soul of we are sure that with your help we can make it a success! 

Our aim is to attract passionate and positive gamers who want to once again enjoy gaming. Come and be a pillar in helping us build a great gaming and streaming community!

We are so excited, hope you guys are too!

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