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So why are we  on Patreon?

So this site and our social media has completely taken off! On twitter we getting over 2,500 notifications a day and hundreds of messages.  This is so amazing the support is great, this site takes hours a day to run which is ok while everyone is so appreciative and getting involved we will keep going. Now Patreon, the site, advertising, management systems are not cheap and we want to try expand with the community we are building. Also from there we want to be  able to start sponsoring small streamers, giving away prizes such as games, steam keys, steam cash, twitch turbo time and even hardware like microphones and web cams. How good would that be?! So everything from this will go straight back into the website or used for competitions like above mentioned. 

As our community grows we hope so do your brands and streams! Stay tuned for updates!

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