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After being sick with the flu for two weeks, its time to get back into the game. On that note legion hit and we kicked it off with a stream of over 16 hours on With this we have started give aways with a massive competition were calling ANGRYS WOWAPALOOZA! All you need to do to be a part of this blow out is be in the twitch stream over the next couple of weeks for your chance to win one of many prizes! 

So be sure to check out the first official sponsored event!

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All New Twitch Channel Upgrades you will want to be a part of!

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All new way to get hosted, rewards such as steam keys, advertising and free custom graphics design work and more! What this is the more time you watch other small streamers being hosted on this Twitch channel. The more doubloons you earn, the more rewards you get and the more you get hosted! This helps you and all the other small streamers from our community! Good right?! SO make sure you watch other small streamers, follow them and this way we all grow together if you have any ideas or suggestions go to our forums at Forums. Make sure check out the panels on our twitch page here for more information!

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First YouTube tutorial video

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Yay, finally we have our first Twitch tutorial video completed and uploaded!If you  haven't register at the forums and are a subscriber, make sure  you do so you get early access  to the videos before the public. Forums here

Then two days later they will be posted on our YouTube channel here for everyone. 

We will be  posting more and more  tutorials to help #supportsmallstreamersso make sure you subscribe so you don't miss anything!

We have a lot more  cool stuff coming in the near future so keep an eye out. Just like on our front page of we have  automatic hosting of people we follow. It now randomly selects someone who we  follow, who is online and streams them! Awesome huh?!

Thanks again for your support, you  guys are awesome!

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