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Now supporting Beam and Hitbox

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Thanks for the amazing support, we are now expanding our reach from Twitch and YouTube to include Beam and Hitbox!

Our new links are

Be sure to follow our new pages, and if you want your streams to be followed all you need to do is the same as twitch but tweet like so

#teamtwitchhosttv @beam #twitchtvhostfollow


#teamtwitchhosttv @hitbox #twitchtvhostfollow

The Big Weekender - Road to 500

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The Big Weekender - Road to 500 official event with Partnered streamer @Vapour_Trail_ 


Friday 14th Oct 2016: 7pm till late,

Saturday 14th Oct 2016: 1pm till late,

Sunday 14th Oct 2016: 11am till 4pm.

All GMT time zone


Awesome event with awesome give aways including a copy of Miscreated! Make sure you check out this awesome stream for your chance to win and help get our friend to his goal of 500 followers! 

Should be a great weekend, so don't miss out on this one!


Twitch Official Channel hosting and

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As most of you will know a short time ago we introduced the all new Hosting Doubloons and now twitch has introduced auto hosting from their site, it makes our job THAT MUCH EASIER!

So if you want to be a part of this and be hosted by us, this is ALL you need to do... 

Our all new way to get hosted, rewards such as steam keys, advertising and free custom graphics design work and more! What this is the more time you watch other small streamers being hosted on this Twitch channel. The more doubloons you earn, the more rewards you get and the more you get hosted! This helps you and all the other small streamers from our community! Good right?! SO make sure you watch other small streamers, follow them and this way we all grow together if you have any ideas or suggestions go to our forums at Forums. Make sure check out the panels on our twitch page here for more information!


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