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5k Twitter following Competwitchen

Written by Posted in Competitions

OMG guys twitter support has been amazing! Thank you all!

So to celebrate hitting 5k soon we are running a competition over the weekend. This is what is happening, were going old school! We want you all to make fam signs with @twitchtvhost the best, most interesting cool one wins. 

So what you need to do is take a photo, doing something cool while showing a fansign with @twitchtvhost on it, and post with the following Hashtag #twitchtvhost5k with  the  fansign and THAT'S ALL! Entries closed Sunday night 10 July 2016

Just like my kids have done here :D


1st Prize:

Have your stream advertised on front page with the big advert for a week

One premium random steam key

AND a Custom made Twitch Background and Profile Picture  care of IamPanzer Designs

10% off code for Custom Design work from IamPanzer Designs


2x Runner up:

Steam Random Key 

Have your stream advertised on front  page with the small advert for a week

10% off code for Custom Design work from IamPanzer Designs


Extra Prizes 10x

5% off codes for Custom Design work from IamPanzer Designs

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